Be Happy. Spread Happy.

Join us on a 21-day journey to happiness, designed by the team that has taught the renowned Happiness Program to millions of people worldwide.

Week 1
Begin with Better Habits

Kickstart your happiness journey by taking direct action with these seven proven habits for a more fulfilling life.

Week 2
Happiness: An Inside Job 

The key to happiness is already within you! Tap into an inner wellspring of joy as you turbocharge your self awareness.

Week 3 
Watch it Grow

See how joy grows with sharing as you connect in meaningful and inspiring ways. 

The Art of Living 21-Day Happiness Challenge: 

backed by science.  juiced up with spirituality.

Join the 21-Day Challenge

We all want to be happy. But sometimes it seems as though life is determined to keep us down - we never have enough time, energy, or money to cultivate true happiness. 

Yet, we know true happiness comes from within. And we're not just here to get by, but to live with joy and thrive. 

Sometimes, to delve deep, we must go back to the basics. 

Join us on a 21-day journey of happiness with simple exercises, backed by science and juiced up with spirituality, to tap into your innate source of happiness and improve quality of life. 

How does it work?: 

Once you sign up, you’ll receive 21 daily actions with powerful, proven techniques for greater happiness, from both scientific and spiritual perspectives. 

Each week will have a different theme: 

The Art of Living Happiness Program has helped millions of people in 155 countries live with greater peace, joy and confidence through powerful breathing techniques that effectively reduce stress and make meditation easier.       

Win 1 of 10 scholarships to The Happiness Program for yourself, or gift it to a friend or family member! 

And don’t forget to spread the news -- for every friend who joins the 21-Day Happiness Challenge, you’ll get 10 extra chances to win!  


Plus, win a free scholarship to the world-renowned Happiness Program! 

You already know what happiness looks like to you. We’re here to help you claim it.

 backed by science.  juiced up with spirituality. 

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 backed by science. 
 juiced up with spirituality. 

 backed by science. 
 juiced up with spirituality. 


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