Discover How Yogic Breathing Can Quickly Reduce Your Stress and Anxiety, and Make Meditation Easier Than You Ever Thought Possible

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Annelies Richmond is an international trainer of mindfulness, meditation, and leadership development programs. She has trained over 1,000 meditation teachers in 5 countries. 

She has been meditating and practicing mindfulness techniques for more than 18 years. She started using these practices daily during her 15-year career as a professional ballet dancer with the Metropolitan Opera in NYC and found that they enhanced not only physical stamina and capacity but mental clarity and emotional resilience. 

Annelies is a founding director of Yesplus, a national university leadership and well-being program, through which she trains student leaders to become meditation facilitators for their campus. She travels across the U.S. teaching and lecturing at institutions such as Purdue University, MIT, Northeastern University, Columbia University, Yale University, the United Nations, and Google. 

Her courses and sessions are known for their authenticity, lightness, and humor, combined with a depth of wisdom that brings one to the present moment.

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In this live webinar, you'll discover secrets of the breath to: 

Quickly, effectively REDUCE STRESS and anxiety, with no drugs or side effects.

Experience a still, peaceful mind and deep EFFORTLESS MEDITATION.

Make your own mind your best friend, even if it's currently your WORST CRITIC.

Create your own internal source of STABILITY, CREATIVITY and PEACE.

"Within three days I started experiencing a deep shift within myself from anxiousness to peace, from sadness to joy. As each day progresses, I find myself more and more centered in the joy and clarity of a calm and peaceful existence."

Glen Douglas Haig

This webinar is an introduction to the world-renowned Happiness Program, a transformative 3-day immersion in powerful breathing techniques and mind mastery.

The main technique on The Happiness Program is called Sudarshan Kriya® a research-backed breathing technique that has helped millions of people release stress, experience deep meditation, and get back in touch with their true self. 

About The Webinar

September 19th, 2017 at 6pm PST  |  9pm EST

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About The Webinar

Sept 19th   
6pm PST  |  9pm EST

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Don't miss this live event with international meditation teacher and leadership trainer Annelies Richmond

"I have been looking for this for 15 years! When I practice [the techniques], I feel great no matter what has happened during the day.” 

Charlotte Puls

“It changed my life literally overnight... Whenever you find that your mind is agitated or the stress is high, take a moment to take a deep breath in while putting all of your attention on it.” 

Louis Gagnon

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